Hi Guys

No, nothing profound or neat to write today.  Just a little update because I haven't been around all that much lately.  I'm on my old rig realizing how much I've missed it, ever since the new consultant wanted girls out here I've had to deal with the uncertainty of hopping around and it's not so fun.  Today I get to oversee one end of my old rig moving back to my old stomping ground and I get to spend the day in the shack that I would be in if my boobs were bigger… they have wireless internet now… those bastards.

There's a diesel shortage in our region right now, I guess one of the refineries that supplies this area is down and so the bulk diesel stations aren't getting stocked up.  I'm sure this is turning my industry on it's head right now kuz everything we do is diesel powered.  I had to actually borrow my office manager's debit card to fuel up my ambulance at a local grocery store because the places we usually go are all out.  
Last night I had some neat ideas for my god setting and so this morning I've been laying them out into note form.  They still need hashing out properly but I think there's some real potential in these ones.  Wish me luck.

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