No Need to Thank Me, Really…

Because I'm certain seeing this will bring meaning and fulfillment to your lives.

Oh my goodness…

But if not, I take no responsibility and won't be paying any therapy bills.
On a personal note, my vox reawakening is due to my lovely office manager Cindy lending me her air card with unlimited bandwidth for this new job which I am putting to good use having eaten through some 800 feeds in the past few days it feels good to be suckling on the sweet nipple of the internet in all it's glory once again.  Especially today.  Due to freezing rain last night I decided to be proactive and wake up an hour earlier to get on the road early for my usually-an-hour long drive to this new job-site, which would have me waking up at 4am and leaving for work at quarter to 5, not pleasant, but not unheard of either.  However, through methods I have yet to fathom, my alarm clock conspired with Satan to set it's self 2 hours ahead so instead of going off at 4am as I set it to, it went off at 2am but appeared to be 4.  So 10 minutes after I was awake I looked at a different clock to see that it was barely past 2… and then I couldn't get back to sleep.
So I guess this is my way of thanking YOU internet peoples for keeping me conscious during this trying day of sleep deprivation, with a small gift from the bowels of the tubes and into your eyeballs, I present this video.
PS:  I should also mention that MINUTES after I arrived on site the forman phoned my cell and told me I could show up late because of the bad weather.  When I told him I left early to take my time he told me not to be doing that… I had to apologize for getting to work early… some days you just can't win.

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