Playing God… of Zombies

One of the best things about writing fiction is that you are god.  You can make the occupants of your stories dance like puppets on the strings of your whimsey.  The down side is that when the strings of your whimsey are too long your puppets lie there dead gathering dust, or rotting a little…

Maybe the rotting is a good thing if your creating a story about zombies, which is what I'm trying to do, but the strings of my whimsey are still too long to get even old ratty corpselike puppets to shuffle around with any coherency, so I look to my excellent community of voxers for ideas.  
If you were going to create a setting in which the dead rise up and bite the people you don't like, how would you justify it?  Would it be a zombie disease?  Alien invasion?  Magical occurrence?  Corporate experiment gone wrong? (or right..)  Would there be anything peculiar about your zombies, humorous, frightening, grotesque…  Personally I've always fancied the idea of unscrupulous individuals sewing zombie bits together Frankenstine-style to create grotesque monstrosities, I've just never been able to include that in an original setting.  
So, how would you make your zombie puppets dance?

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One Response to Playing God… of Zombies

  1. How about corpses of people who ingested genetically altered food? The law of unintended consequences.

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