Making Textbook Writing More Interesting…

I'm back to working on my friend's RPG that he gave me kuz he wasn't doing anything with it, and I'm wondering what I could do to make the writing more compelling.  Most Role Playing Game books are so dry that I'm unable to read more than a few paragraphs of one in bed before falling asleep.  I don't want any game I'm writing to be that way so I've been thinking up ways to make them interesting.

Idea 1:  "Arrogant Bastard" edition.  Imagine a textbook written from a condescending position of authority, maybe not against the reader, because the reader is obviously a superior being for reading this particular book, but against all other books of the same type.  I would enjoy channeling all my frustrations over other games inadequacies through this.
Idea 2:  A running story told through the example paragraphs.  Role-playing games describe rules for play like any other organized game, sometimes the best way to clarify a rule or system is to show an example of how it's used.  Since these games are story based it fits with the theme to tell an overall story through these examples, if the story is compelling enough the reader will want to go all the way through to find out how it ends, and in the process he'll develop an excellent understanding of the rules.  
Idea 3:  Easter Eggs.  Easter Eggs are found in video games where in a certain dark corner one finds a pop culture parody, or an item that's out of place but in a fun way.  Game books could have them too, pop culture references adopted to the setting in a unique way, a nod to a pioneer or inspiring force in the game, interesting quotes, that sort of thing.
Idea 4:  Cyclical Writing.  This may not be the right term for it, but what if an example of what the rules can do was presented on page 1 in a very compelling manner, a lead-up to the climax of a story if you will.  A high-tension action scene played out on text before your eyes showing keen examples of what the systems in the book can do… thus leading into how you the reader could do it as well.
Those are some ideas I've been considering, any of you copywriters or advertisers or story writers out there want to input suggestions, feel free.  I'd welcome the assistance.

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  1. moppy says:

    If you are looking for inspiration for making a dry presentation interesting, check out The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox.

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