Kevin Martin: Future Killing Asshole

Kevin Martin the Chair of the FCC is pushing that a chunk of the wireless spectrum auction this month to have stipulations of a porn filter.  

Sounds kinda nice doesn't it?  You could have an internet connection that wouldn't have any porn on it, good for the kids, saves bandwidth for more legitimate uses, it's win-win right?
This is restricting the internet, and it starts here with a perfectly reasonable idea, create a filter that blocks smut, but once you've allowed that filter in-place then what else is it going to block?  You'll never know will you because it's FUCKING BLOCKED!!!  There's a few countries that do this, China is one of them.  I've talked with a fair few Chinese, but I can't refer them to Vox, because their bigass firewall stops them from seeing anything on Vox.  
The internet succeeds because it's open to everything, as it should be.  If you take issue with something on the internet then don't look at it, if you see something illegal going on on the internet, do exactly what you would do in real life, report it to the police.  
You Americans, if you hate this as much as I do, phone your state representative and make sure they know that this is crap and they should not support it, if you know any link petitions or facebook groups, go to them and join up, do not let the internet become chopped up like a basic-cable guide.  

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4 Responses to Kevin Martin: Future Killing Asshole

  1. Charms says:

    I absolutely agree with you. As a parent I don't want my children influenced by some of the nasty, raunchy things on the internet or on TV.. but it is MY JOB as a parent to filter what my children have access to.. not the Government.

  2. Let will be your way. Do, as want.

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