Short Update

This past week I've been neck deep in copywriting my friend's old game system, it's frightfully dreary, and a little exciting while making me a little nostalgic all at once.  My newfound work ethic has come from a new personal policy I enacted.  Whenever I feel compelled to open an .AVI file on my laptop and watch a movie or a TV show I open the files on my current project first.  It's weak and undisciplined I know, but it's yielded results so I like it.

Last night my dad and I had another e-mail conversation about the state of Canada's federal government.  It's bad, our government is well and truly in shambles, it literally is no better than some banana republic where it's too hot for anyone to think straight.  If things continue the way they're going Canada will split, likely into three parts.  But that may not be too bad, it'll give you guys more options when global warming makes your country unlivable.  On this contenent you can stay with the frenchies (wimpy and but tell good jokes), the midlanders (arrogant and that country's idea of cologne is bug-spray), or us westerners (like your eccentric uncle only with too much money).  I'd say the north part too but even if it became a tropical archapelego, you don't wanna live there, the natives… they're not pretty.  It's said they're a dying breed, and I don't think it's that they're dying so much as you wouldn't want to breed with them.
Anyhow that's my life at the moment.  Peace Vox homies.

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One Response to Short Update

  1. Yod says:

    I've always wanted to live in Quebec, thanks for the heads up.

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