Why do I like Monkeys?

I've always (and by always I mean for the past 3 years) a fondness for the word "monkey."  It's a fun word and so versatile.  There are all sorts of monkeys you see, naughty ones, brass ones, ones that like to be spanked.  And then there are variants of the monkey word such as baboon that have a nice metaphorical utility as well.  

Up until today I'd not given my fondness for monkey metaphors to be anything more than a personal foible, but this morning my favorite video game reviewer attests that Monkeys are one of 4 things that geeks like and won't shut up about.  Now I don't deny being a geek but I was totally unaware that my behavior was part of a trend.
See, it's been my general impression that Geeks for all their high mindedness are a bunch of sheep, they follow the trends blissfully free of independent thought just like the rest of the talking monkeys.  We're elitist sure and like to think we got our highly refined opinions and mannerisms from a source more 133t than the norms, but we're still listening to what others say without making the effort to actually form our own thoughts which takes quite a lot of effort.  Those that do have independent thoughts are worshipped as gods and monsters by the geek community as a whole and are thus not really geeks but some larger than life individual worthy of praise and adoration.  Should they honor the lowly geek sheep with a warm stream of urine from one of their divine members that geek will lap it up as the life sustaining ambrosia it is.  
I hold no illusions about which category I'm in.  *wipes mouth*
However I had no idea that I was unwittingly following along with the geek bandwagon on this one which worries me a little, because while I like the geek bandwagon, it plays the music I enjoy after all, I always thought I knew what I was getting into.  Self awareness has always been a big thing for me, I like to know why I do the things I do and not be beholden to outside forces without any say in the matter.  For that reason I've avoided using colloquialisms like fanboi speak or 133t5p33k or replacing words with numbers 2 make my point outside of SMS messages.  (There's a character limit in SMS, which is a valid reason.)
This monkey thing has gotten me so worked up that I'm comparing myself to some guy who might like a bit of recreational drug use from time to time until one morning he wakes up realizing he was fired from work 3 weeks ago has tread marks up both arms and is thinking "Oh my GOD!  I'm a junkie!"  Obviously my problem isn't in the same league as mr junkie, but I really really don't like feeling as if I'm not in control. 
I wish I had a solution to my problem other than more boring introspection but I don't.  I do have some insight into why we geeks might like monkeys so much… we liken to the saying; "Enough monkeys on enough typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare."  I can't think of a more apt description of what I'm trying to do these days than that.

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