Little Movie Trailer Love for the Ol’ Blog.

Hi guys, as happens periodically I've become horribly negligent on the blogging front.  I make excuses in that these absences allow me to generate new content that I need to arrange in the cluttered cobweb covered shelves of my brain glob.  (FYI Glob is today's Google word)

But now for the sexah!
A couple weeks ago Tash showed me a gorgeous movie trailer which I've become so excited about I suspect she now regrets doing so.  The movie is called 9.  Which makes it a pain in the ass to find it on search engines, but from the preview it looks like Little Big Planet and Fallout did the orangutan mating dance and then let Tim Burton adopt the inevitable spawn.  
Oh and did I mention the music?  It's Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria and it gives me a warm fuzzy one.   As another geek note.  That very song appears in the original Rockband.  So with three video game references in the preview I do believe this movie has the perfect trifecta of geek video game cred.
Watch it!

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