An Internet Litmus Test

A few weeks ago I was led to a video by a blogger who has a reputation for showing some of the most disturbing not-safe-for-workiest stuff on the web.  He actually apologized as he posted the link which made me quite curious.  Beyond that link was the baddest wrongest thing my eyes have ever witnessed, and I'm not talking about cookie monster wearing plaid either, it was seriously fucked in a bad bad way.  It was the only thing on the internet to date that has seriously disturbed me.  I've never actually watched all of it because it's that wrong.  

I've heard of Google Seppuku where you put random Japanese characters into a Google image search and cycle through until you see something that makes you wish you hadn't started playing in the first place… well as a video this qualifies.  
Anyhow a few days after I saw this I was talking with the owner of the local bookstore, a woman who's sweetly naive enough to try and shock me from time to time.  Anyhow, the video came up as "the only thing on the internet that ever disturbed me" and for some reason she thought that I was a lightweight who cringed at tentacle porn or something.  She wanted to see what the fuss was about, so after repeatedly warning her I gave her the link.
She turned it off quicker than me, and then lamented her inability to scrub her mind clean.  
Anyhow, I could describe things to you which would be enough for you never want to watch it, but instead I will post the above warning and see just how many of you are curious enough, or doubtful of my claims enough to go see it and then post something angry to me about being so mean to show you something so horrible.  
As for those of you who wish to keep any remaining shreds of net innocence left intact, DON'T GO HERE.

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2 Responses to An Internet Litmus Test

  1. Cloudy J says:

    At. Work. Must. Not. Click.

  2. Valerae says:

    So my husband is permanently scarred but I barely flinched. I thought chicks scarfing down diarrhea was much nastier. Maybe that helped steel me.I agree that the most disturbing part was that *he* barely reacted. I wonder if he's one of those dudes without properly working nerves.

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