(Republican) Change I Could Believe In…

I've been pondering an article for a while.  Basically the current political climate makes it pretty necessary for the Republican party to do a bit of revising on it's image.  If Obama overspends to insanely and America is still balls-deep in a recession come 4 years, I'm pretty sure a brain-dead chimp with a cross around it's neck leading the GOP could win the election, but if Obama is at all competent then we may be looking at a definite liberal shift in America's politics.  Now if Liberal meant "rooted in Liberty" as it did once upon a time then I'd be all for it, but today Liberal is sononomous with socialism where a single government gets more and more control over larger and larger areas.

The problem is that conservatism isn't standing against that socialistic agenda anymore, in many ways they've adopted it and have betrayed their base who are turning to religion because they feel that there's no control of big government any more.  This problem is compounded by the fact that people seem to be getting brainwashed to the point of rather than turning to organizations with enough power to act as a counterpoint to unassailable lawmaking they're integrating these organizations further into the government body.  The lines between church, business and government are getting increasingly blurred and as they do so power shifts more and more into the hands of the few and voters get less and less control.  
I consider myself fairly eclectic politically, but if you're at all familiar with my opinions on this blog you'll know that I prize one thing above all others; Freedom.  Without freedom the things we have, or we do mean nothing because they're only things we can have or can do and the joy of possibility is taken from us.  The Republican party once stood for freedom, less taxes meant more freedom to do what you want with your money, free-market capitalism meant freedom to sell and buy what you wanted with it.  Before that Socialism stood for freedom, freedom from one individual dictating how you get to live.
To me, a real change would be endeavoring to clearly define the separations between business, church and government, and this is something that I believe all Republicans could get behind and such policies would have the potential to convert many Democrats and independents.  
Policies that such a shift would include would be such as:
• Removal from religious influence around civil unions.  According to Maritime Law, a person is a corporation, and is treated as such under the law, it would be unthinkable for the church to have influence over corporate unions, so why does it have influence over personal ones?
• Less corporate taxation but greater corporate oversight.  There is a direct relation between corporate taxation and corporate growth.  This means that when a government taxes a corporation more the corporations grow less, and employ fewer people which hurts the populace.  However implementing laws that force corporations to spend money to comply with government standards generally doesn't stymie corporate growth, employs more people and protects the people from corporate opportunism.  
• A shift towards a non-intrusive foreign policy.  Currently the Liberal agenda is to increase the power of the UN to the point where the UN is able to dictate the allowed size of any nation's military.  Russia will never agree to that, and neither should the US.  Let the UN send peacekeepers to nations and try to fix the world.  Republicans need to stand for a military that stands as a third point of power to the growing UN and Russian militaries that exists only to protect the homeland and aide military allies.
These are just some of my hopes for a newer better Republican party, but my thesis on this is still incomplete, I'd like to get some input from the community about this and see what you think, from both sides of the political fence, what changes should the GOP adopt to it's party policy and image?

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One Response to (Republican) Change I Could Believe In…

  1. Dancing Bear says:

    If only they would return to what they stood for for so many years. They have been hijacked by extremists and it will take allot of work to undo what has been done.
    They may just do it if they want to survive or compete. They simply need to return for what they stood for for many, many years. That is change I could believe in.

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