Alternatives to Suing Torrent Sites

For those of you who give a crap about such things, Pirate Bay is being sued… again.

I know you're expecting a long rant about copyright infringement, but that's not what you're going to get today, instead I'm going to offer some keen ideas to producers out there that make use of torrents rather than railing against them.  
The fact is that Torrents are a FREE distribution medium!  Do you hear me?  FREE!!!  How can any content producer not seeing the value in that?  Torrent numbers are easy to track, so demographic information can easily be gained so there is potential to gain revenue from advertising.  As a content creator this has massive benefit because with a bit of viral marketing over blogs and forums I can upload my creation as a Torrent then watch it spread.  Then embed a few advertisements, program my own torrent tracker to follow the traffic flow to calculate ad revenue and voila!  Free distribution!  The ISP's of the individual users shoulder the bandwidth use instead of you the creator.  How is this a bad thing?
An alternative to embedded advertising would be subscription services.  Say you have a game, and you distribute using torrents.  Make it abundantly clear that anyone can have the game for free, but upon registering the player unlocks additional features.  No DRM, no revenue lost to piracy, just a business model that works on the idea that you don't have to pay to distribute.
Or how about user created content in already existing MMORPG's like WoW.  Imagine an RPG-style game creates vast swaths of untamed wilderness and gives the player the option to build a fort or a castle or a city within that untamed wilderness.  Code it so only the exterior is visible to the roaming player, and if and when any player wants to go inside this player created instance the content is downloaded through a web of torrents created by users who have already been there.  No additional server bandwidth, not massive cluster of user created content to manage, just the players doing their thing and shouldering the bandwidth use from their creation…
These are just a few ideas I have explaining valid and useful ways to work with torrents, not against them.

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