A Rabbi Kills Some Nazi’s in Call of Duty

Color me slightly skeptical, but sometimes it's just nice to believe that somethings really are what they say they are.

Described a writer and a freelance rabbi (methinks they put the "freelance" before the wrong noun) by foreward.com, Micah Kelber writes a very nice review that I'm sure many video game advocates will love.  He talks about how playing CoD helped him get over his fears of Nazi's, and while the context seems a bit far fetched I think there is some validity in the overall sentiment.  In a world where we're forced to come to terms with life's troubles without violence I think it's important to have an outlet of some sort, video games could be as much.

"As a Jew, being involved in virtually ending World War II allows you to experience the closest thing possible to killing the sense of victimhood created by the Holocaust. And you do it without actually hurting any real people. In fact, it’s so satisfying that when you get to shoot down the golden eagle on the Reichstag, while sniping headshots at flame-throwing Nazis, you simply don’t want the war to end. This is weird, of course, because the war’s end is the ultimate goal of the game, as well as your desperately fought aim in real life.

The realistic portrayal of violence in video games is often decried. But those who would disparage these games for being too brutal would be those who would condemn them for not showing the realities of war. It is because of its violence that the game ushers in some of the feeling of the intensity of the battlefield."

It makes me wonder… it's easy to condemn violent video games as harmful escapes from reality, but this man describes his time playing it as oddly therapeutic.  Would a therapist ever prescribe shooting a few of your real-life foes in a video game?  Somehow I doubt it, but perhaps there's a middle ground between video games violence as being an outlet for real frustration, and video game violence having no value at all, where there might be some slight vindication for video games as a healthy medium of entertainment.  As someone who's trying to design a simulation Role Playing Game this train of thought does interest me.

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