For Kirk

The most excellent Kirk is being swamped by work.  Which I suppose qualifies as [awesome] in this time of trouble.  But I found this pic and thought of him.

Fuck you Phelps and your stupid church.  I look forward to the day that you find out that your actions have sent you to Hell.

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4 Responses to For Kirk

  1. Kirk says:

    At least Cthulhu hates Chordates for their awful flavor and not their sexual preference! :DTasting like shit is probably what will keep Phelps from being eaten, too. He'll have to be torn limb from limb by a Deep One instead…

  2. Bookmole says:

    Ditto on the Phelps thing. When will people realise you cannot cherry pick the bible – if you have found something that tells you homosexuality is evil, you must therefore believe in not eating ham, women being unclean and an eye for an eye. And Yay to the great picture!

  3. Hey, Book mole, This is a great quote!

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