What I’ve Not Been Doing…

Is Voxing.

I've not started up a new personal blog (yet) but increasingly I'm finding less and less inclination to type into this Vox window.  Which is a shame because a lot has been going on lately.  
For example:
Two days ago one of the men on my worksite showed up in my office in the midst of having a heart-attack, which made it my job to get him to hospital very quickly.   I carried this out in a surprisingly matter of fact manner and since then I've gotten more praise for it than I think is due.  There's been thanks and talk of "official commendations" and things like "you just saved someone's life" being said which I've got to say makes me uncomfortable.  I can and do take compliments and gratitude with grace and appreciation but I can't help but feel like how I handled the situation was only exceptional because it happens so infrequently.  I've always worked hard to be professional and credible in my work and I do a good job at it, but I also stand to the side because in all honesty I never expect to be taken seriously.  
That's the source of my discomfort in all this, that now people are seriously patting me on the back which is something extremely foreign.  I've always been fine with people not taking an interest in what I'm up to, my hobbies aren't mainstream, my ambitions are fringe, and my job is a safety blanket people hope will never need to be used.  The fact that I'm pretty good at what I do, as well as being pretty bright is mostly irrelevant because I'm comfortable with not being recognized… even though all my ambitions involve global recognition.  I'm starting to make no sense now so I'll leave this topic be.
In other news I'm very close to purchasing a new house.  Which is exciting and terrifying.  The thing is the house isn't built yet, so it will in fact be completely new and lovely.  It looks as if we'll be signing the purchase agreement next week which will include a pretty hefty deposit, and then we wait until September when it's finished to pay for it in full.  I'm starting to get excited about it now, I know we can afford it once we're past the down payments but it's a tight time to be gathering $15,000 in the mean-time.
Other than that I just had a birthday with subsequent hangover.  I'm 27 now which means it's 3 years til I'm 30 and that's disgustingly frightening.  Neither Tash nor I want to admit that we're adults yet.  We like being younger than everyone, all our friends are older than us now, even in gaming, which helps us still feel young… though I fear that illusion will start to be harder and harder to maintain.
There.  Vox.  I posted.  Happy now?

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3 Responses to What I’ve Not Been Doing…

  1. ken says:

    great you saved a live accept the thanks and admoaration of your co-worker's and i'm sure some of them are thinking if you can do it so can they,you set a good example, just don't go to work tommorow with your fly down…

  2. yes, happy now, thank youIll be 27 this summer.. i wish i was in the position to buy a house instead of yet another year of renting.

  3. Ross says:

    Happy birthday! Glad you were around to help when that guy needed it. Not everyone is level-headed in that sort of situation, so you deserve some praise for your actions, even if you feel others could/would have done the same.Good luck with the home-buying, too. Sounds really exciting!

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