House Buying…

Last night I officially started the process of buying a house, and oddly it's really not that exciting, but I figured I needed to write about it, if for no other reason than I'm not writing enough these days.

We started looking at these places back in February and instantly felt they were prefect.  They're condo's which means all the outside maintenance is already handled, and they include a separate suite that comes with a 2nd fridge and stove ready to rent out as an additional income source, so right there half my mortgage payment can be handled by a renter.  In a nutshell that means that I can have a three bedroom place for only a couple hundred a-month more than what I'm paying for my one-bedroom apartment, so not impacting our high-rolling lifestyle too much. 
Interestingly the property developer is a long time family friend and the realtor is his son, I used to go over to their place as a kid and hang out, but I've not been in contact with the family since before high school, so the talks up to this point are often interrupted by periodic sessions of reminiscence.  Tash and I really like our realtor, he's young and has a sense of humor along with being very knowledgable and professional.  Plus he's kinda the new kid on the block in the Realty scene here in town because most of his work prior to this year was down south in Vancouver which was a way more competitive market.  He really wants to shake things up around here, and being that Tash helps run a Love boutique in a conservative farm town, we can relate to doing a little shaking up. 
So after Tash and I saw these condo's and loved them, we talked to the banks which approved us for a mortgage so easily that we were left with the distinct impression that they were peeved we waited so long.  But we decided to look about before making any commitments so we made arrangements to look at other houses that were being listed so to do our due diligence.  Also we liked hanging out with our realtor and making jokes about people's tacky decorating.  And when else are you going to be able to kick people out of their homes to make fun of their tacky decorating I ask?
(Don't look at me like that!  When you walk into a home that someone is trying to sell for $200,000 and it smells like marijuana and cat piss it's much better form to make jokes and walk out in disgust, than just walk out in disgust.)
But alas the property viewing stage came to an end and a sneaky property manager-type was snapping up all the condo's that were just finished, but we had a shot at ones that were still being built due to be done next fall.  There were simply no places on the market that even came close to the economic sense and appeal these ones have so we jumped on them and got things signed last night.  That doesn't mean the place is ours yet, there's a lot that can happen between now and this fall, but I intend to complete the sale, and things look keen.

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5 Responses to House Buying…

  1. AmyH says:

    That IS exciting! I love having a townhouse/condo – because I hate doing yardwork and all that other exterior crap. Keep us posted! Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

  2. Good luck on securing the new place…looks fantastic!

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  4. Smashakins says:

    This is so out dated…..:P

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