Just to Be Certain EVERY RSS subscriber is gone first…

We’ll see if this actually carries through.  I need to be writing and I’m not so that needs to be fixed.   I’m moving into what looks to be a new long term camp job at work, so my life may actually have some semblance of structure and schedule.  I have a new laptop that has an L-key that works so my typing is relatively unimpeded.  It’s interesting to note that one of the last posts I wrote, was about buying those condo’s.  After waiting 15 months, they fell through and kept on falling, we didn’t lose any money but it was fairly annoying to invest that much time waiting… but things change and we found a new place and it looks like we’ll be moving in next month.

One thing I’m finding is that I’m categorically BAD at writing whatever it is that I actually want to write.  I want to write about role-playing… I can’t.  I’m totally letting down the guys at Nevermet Press by just not fucking doing anything.  I’ve been trying to write a novel from an outline I wrote a couple years back.  I like the outline, I like the genre, and I want to explore it… I’ve managed to devote myself to a whole 2 pages so far in the last month.  Fuck.

However, this… this rambling nonsense where I’m just clearing the cobwebs of my life is just pouring from my fingers.  I haven’t paused for a single beat since I started writing this (now I’ve probably jinxed it) and I’m still unaware about what I’m writing about.  Maybe it’s in the titles… I’ve always been one to write the title of my blog post first, and nearly every time I write a title I finish what I’m writing in the same session.  My psychological analysis of why this is comes up blank, I have no idea.

There’s that beat I jinxed myself into taking, blissfully it wasn’t long.  Maybe only 15 seconds.  The problem is that I’m not sure how to end things.  I guess I’ll talk about Shush, because she was on mind last night.  I worry about her and her family.  They seem like such hard working intelligent people who are always trying despite the fact that life rarely seems to cooperate.  Wheras myself, I’m a lazy do-nothing who seems to get all the luck despite the fact that I never do anything with it.  Shush has written a few books, and I’ve written none.  I’ve been wanting to help them, and with the new house coming I’d be in a position to put them up here in Canada while they got going.  I did some looking into what it would take for them to apply to be Permanent Residents, it looks like it’s possible, but it’s hoops.  It seems like they might be getting onto their feet soonish so maybe my assistance would be unneeded… I guess we’ll see.

Well that’s an adequate first post.  I’ll finish with this mediocre ending, which is okay.  I doubt anyone will be reading this anyway, and that suits me just fine.


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