My Idea of an Oriental Myth

Here’s what I’m thinking.  At the beginning of the world – or shortly therafter – there came into being a spunky demon.  This demon took it upon himself to make life difficult for some heroic mythical girl with long hair and a very well decorated magic box.  The demon stole that magic box and opened it up to use the mystical stuff inside to invite a bunch of his other demon buddies out to play in our playground.  The girl with long hair was pretty upset and she started crying and a peasant boy felt sorry for her.  This peasant boy decided to go steal the box back from the spunky demon but the demon was a quick little fucker and the boy couldn’t get near him.

But the desire to get into the long-haired girl’s pants to see if the carpet matched the drapes was strong in this one. So the boy grabbed one of the not-so-spunky demons that was playing in the special-ed portion of the earthly playground and got the demon to teach the boy some demon mojo that could help him get close to the spunky one.  Armed with this demon mojo (that was enabled by the magic box in the first place) the boy managed to fool the spunky demon long enough to beat the demon spunk out of him and steal the magic box.

And now we’re in the modern age, and you can relate this myth to something pertinent in your life, like why men can’t clean their whiskers out of the sink or something…


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