Skype and Facebook Together?

This wouldn’t even intrigue me except that I’ve recently had my eyeballs dipped in a recent marketing message from Rogers (I think) advertizing “free social networking”.  Which – the more I think about it – seems tantamount to opening up their network to all the wonderous bandwidth uses the internet has to offer.

Allow me to esplain further… Mobile companies don’t have unlimited bandwidth data plans any more because it would allow sneaky tech geeks like me to completely bypass the need for cell minutes and paying long distance or “roaming”.  There’s also the whole file sharing issue that telecom companies are trying to figure out, but the fact of the matter is they don’t really have the infrastructure to support everyone’s smart phone streaming 100kb of data all the time.

So the combined factor of Skype teaming up with Facebook and the telecoms offering “free social networking” makes me wonder at what point these companies are going to be shooting themselves in the foot.  Facebook is everywhere to the point where if it goes down it breaks the whole internet with all of the “like” button links and apps and all that.

I guess the question becomes what parts of “social networking” are these companies going to open up to and what parts are they just going to write off as just another part of the internet.


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