A Gender Disparity in Reverse! I Wonder Why…

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting a quick fluff piece that caught my eye about how women in Tech positions are making marginally more money than men with the equivelant qualifications.  This is interesting because women generally make less money than men.

Now I’m of the opinion that in a perfect world that has totally unbaiased-to-gender work force, women will generally end-up making less then their male counterparts over the first decade because most of them will end up taking a fair amount of time off to have a kid or two.  Having kids is important and we in western society don’t offer enough support to young mothers in my opinion.  However the fact of the matter is that taking care of kids draws time and focus away from professional concerns and that will be reflected in pay scale.

So if anyone wants to call me a chauvanist, that’s fine, I won’t take it personally.  But in this case I think my perspective helps me look objectively at why women are being payed more in Tech jobs.

My gut reaction tells me that women focus on different aspects of the job then men do and that altered focus helps shore up weaknesses in a given company.  Guys, especially the types that gravitate to tech fields are cut from a certain cloth, quite similar in interests and general focus.  While girls… I don’t think they’re of that same mindset and perhaps employers see that.

Then again, maybe Tech guys just want to see more female curves around the office that are capable of talking shop…

Ultimately I don’t know anything on this for sure, but it’s interesting.


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