Google – IN SPACE!

I really need to find new feeds other than SAI to feed my imagination.  I think this is the 3rd SAI post that’s spawned something on my blog and I’m beginning to feel like a one trick pony.

The latest thing to send my mind into creative overdrive has been the post about what odd shit Google spends (wastes to some) it’s money on.

They’ve dropped lots of money in telecom, some in space travel, invested in a human powered monorail, and also windfarms.  All of which are a far cry from the core business model which is advertising.

Now the power generation stuff I imagine is actually to get some energy neutral tax credits in some countries, but added in with the space travel and energy stuff, a creative mind could spawn some very very interesting stuff.

Imagine google creating an array of space stations that allow for complete global communication from anywhere in the world.

Sounds far-fetched…

Well the thing is, Google needs to get more media out there to the consumer to get more advertizing revenue.  In some instances, the case for offering service to more remote locations becomes even stronger, because in remote locations the consumer is more likely to be making purchases off the web rather than going to the store.   For Google, the more media it can produce, the more advertizing it can send out, the more money it makes.  More media requires more bandwidth.  HD video isn’t particularly viable over the web yet because of the extreme bandwidth use, I can only assume that 3D video is even more intensive.  This means that these medias are gardens untended for Google and they’re just the most obvious examples.

The biggest issue here is that the demand for bandwidth is effectively infinite.  The more an internet service provider can offer, the more that is sure to be used because greater bandwidth means greater capability for the consumer to grab ever more intricate media.  The ISP’s don’t have the incentive to provide these these huge connections because they can’t charge a proportionate amount for a connection with 100x the bandwidth to the average consumer.  (The corporate supplier maybe which is a separate but related issue.)  However, Google can make more money by providing more bandwidth, so it makes sense with all their money that they’d pursue telecom venues.


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