To Clarify a Twitter Question…

I’m working on a mechanics idea that does away with Initiative rolls to a degree. One where attacks take time to hit and time to recover from and ready your weapon again. The jist will be that bigger attacks leave you “vulnerable” for a moment (meaning short-term penalties) that recharge. The idea is that it would always be possible to attack even when it’s not always a great idea to do so, just that you won’t be at your best form. The problem is I’m not sure how to implement such an idea without it being an unworkable book keeping nightmare… yet. Some stuff is starting to come together.

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3 Responses to To Clarify a Twitter Question…

  1. Mad Brew says:

    Except for the “the idea is that it would always be possible to attack even when it’s not always a great idea to do so, just that you won’t be at your best form” bit, Aces & Eights (and the new version of Hackmaster) uses a continuous count solution that may be similar to what you are looking for.

    It can be daunting for the uninitiated, but there are basically two levels (one for movement and one for everything else) where each action costs so many rounds and the action executes once its cost is paid for.

    For instance, drawing and cocking a pistol might cost 2, aiming at a moving target in front of you costs 3 and pulling the trigger costs 1. So you announce this at the beginning of the count and 6 ticks later you resolve the action.

    It’s an idea I’ve been toying with (even before encountering A&8) in my own designs for a long time. I haven’t found an elegant solution to the upturn in bookkeeping, but I’ve thought about action wheels/sliders that players can use to track their actions.

  2. Mad Brew says:

    Also, if I recall correctly, switching targets adds cost or a penalty to resolution.

  3. schoonerhelm says:

    The cost in time is exactly what I’m thinking of here. Nice of you to bring it up. Little conversation with NewbieDM got me thinking the simplest and easiest to track way of this would be to have black dice as a penalty. Example:

    Your Action: Draw
    Costs 2 Rounds (each round equaling a pre-determined amount of time) @1d-black per round. If you take those full two rounds your next action is at no subsequent penalties. If you choose to do your action one round early you suffer the 1d-black penalty, and if you go two rounds early you suffer 2d-black penalty.

    Then we could do the same thing for recovery time after powerful attacks and such.

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