What’s Not On Fox Today

I’m trying a new thing where I consolidate the news stories I found interesting here.  I try to keep it just to things I wouldn’t find “on the news” but are still relevant in my mind.  Hopefully I get better at making them seem interesting, but for now, here’s the first instalment.

The USA is smuggling guns into Somalia.  

An Old Canadian News Article Detailing the “Possession” Stalking of Sarah McLachlan.

Technical Drawings for various modern firearms.  As an added note: you can 3D Print them too.

Minecraft is still updating.

Saving Lives: There’s an App for That.

Hoards of Ancient Gold are still being found today.  

Canada’s contribution to the Webb Telescope.

Smart discussion about Corporate Political Opinions. 

Canada’s political rhetoric on Gun Violence.

I wonder if the anti-leak policies potentially effecting the press even matters at this point?  It’s pretty obvious that the only real news is coming from independent bloggers and by the point that they get press passes, they’ve likely been bought already.

Optimistic assessments for Renewable Energy.  I’d love to get in on some of this.


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